Business Analytics

Mannya analytics services help gain insights into emerging trends through the analysis of business data. Our solutions help businesses make informed decisions based on data-driven insights — all this while considerably reducing the need for IT resources and budgets. Additionally, we offer continued support and enhancements through a scalable and flexible model to ensure optimal user experience.


  • Big Data Analysis
  • Business Dashboards
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Visualization
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Mapping Software
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Survey Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis

What We Bring to the Table

  • Strong partnerships with analytics software and service providers
  • Pre-built templates and reporting frameworks
  • An engagement model that guides you through the business change you need to undergo to implement analytics across your enterprise

Our Analytics Services Help

  • Deliver deep insight into operations: Identify hidden patterns in business data
  • Enhanced data visualization capabilities: Benefit from Interactive dashboards that help you navigate and understand data easily
  • Nexgen dashboards: Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies creation of impactful charts and diagrams that provide insights into your business
  • Simplifying analysis: Tableau’s Data Engine analyzes millions of rows of data in seconds
  • Complete data: Combine various sources of data that can be viewed from a single window
  • Sharing and collaboration: Export presentations to other applications seamlessly
  • Real-time results: Changes made to data appear immediately