Google Cloud

Google Cloud embodies the reliability and agility associated with products that emerge from the Google stable. What’s awesome about Google Cloud is that it is secure, highly scalable, and constantly evolving.

Mannya can help you leverage Google Cloud platform for work and education. Google Cloud platform offers a range of services from big data analytics and machine learning to virtual machines, storage, networking and more, which makes it ideal for businesses who want to garner insights from complex data for various business purposes.

Why Google Cloud?

  • Pay-as-you go pricing model
  • Ideal for DevOps and continuous integration
  • Multiple availability zones
  • Seamless auto scaling
  • Virtual Machine options with predefined virtual server instances
  • Cloud Dataproc: Fully managed Hadoop and Spark offering


  • Consulting, strategy, and roadmap
  • Implementation and optimization

Why Mannya for Google Cloud

  • Consultant with proven expertise on the Google Cloud platform
  • Strong expertise in big data analytics