Microsoft Azure

Mannya offers a full suite of services on the cloud

Microsoft Azure offers the computing power and unbeatable value for businesses looking at serving customers with little to no impact on IT infrastructure. Azure is the ideal platform to manage large data applications and migrations.

We, at Mannya have been working with Azure technologies for some time now. We possess the capability and skills to smartly deliver the best-in-class features available on the Azure platform.

Why Azure?

  • Open and flexible cloud platform for accelerated deployments
  • Create highly scalable applications capable of accommodating millions of users
  • Azure is a highly reliable and secure cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure
  • Create networks within Azure Cloud to host virtual machines, virtual appliances and PaaS offerings
  • Cortana Intelligence: Suite of analytical products
  • Big data support through Windows Azure Table and HDInsight


Why Mannya?

Experience a Smooth Transition to the Cloud

  • Azure certified professionals
  • Designed and implemented custom azure solutions
  • Highly scalable migration strategy
  • Reliable security and compliance features
  • Accelerated and well-planned migrations
  • On-time and within budget