Wave Analytics

Salesforce Analytics Cloud delivers a highly secure and stable analytics platform with powerful analytics and layers of dynamic visualization built over underlying data sets. With highly intuitive visualization capabilities, the platform is highly optimized for mobile users and offers features available at for SMEs and large enterprises at a highly competitive price.

Wave Analytics Cloud offers insights via an analytics engine built upon the Salesforce.com platform.

Benefits include:

  • Blend seamlessly with IT infrastructure
  • Easily deployable and scalable
  • Robust and highly secure platform – data is constantly backed-up and encrypted
  • Ideal for large and complex business environments
  • Easily processes large amounts of complex data sets

What we offer

  • Full-fledged consulting and support services
  • Streamlined and highly organized Wave Analytics implementations
  • Expertise in native Salesforce tools
  • Expertise in formulation of SAQL queries
  • Mobile First approach – ability to create analytics dashboards that render seamlessly on multiple devices