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    AWS offers unparalleled benefits in cost, dependability, flexibility, and scalability.

    It’s been close to a decade, yet Amazon Web Services continues to be the cloud platform of choice for businesses around the world. AWS offers 50+ services surrounding compute, databases, storage, mobile, analytics, and enterprise applications.

    AWS services have been adopted by thousands of businesses around the world, and this includes young businesses, enterprises, and public sector companies.

    Be it migrating legacy infrastructure to the cloud or disaster recovery, Mannya provides a broad portfolio of cloud services powered by AWS. Be its migration to the cloud or greenfield projects, the AWS ecosystem offers tools and services that can transform your business. From Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to ‘serverless’ AWS Lambda technology and services that cover database-as-a-service, data warehousing, and desktop virtualization, Mannya can help you with a seamless transition to the cloud.


    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    Amazon Route 53
    Amazon CloudFront
    Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
    Amazon RDS


    Cloud Storage
    Application Hosting
    Content Delivery

    What We Bring to the Table

    30+ Support Engineers
    10+ certified AWS experts
    Red Hat Certified Engineers

    Microsoft Azure Mannya offers a full suite of services on the cloud

    Microsoft Azure offers the computing power and unbeatable value for businesses looking at serving customers with little to no impact on IT infrastructure. Azure is the ideal platform to manage large data applications and migrations.

    We, at Mannya have been working with Azure technologies for some time now. We possess the capability and skills to smartly deliver the best-in-class features available on the Azure platform.

    Why Azure?

    Open and flexible cloud platform for accelerated deployments.
    Create highly salable applications capable of accommodating millions of users.
    Azure is a highly reliable and secure cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with your IT infrastructure.
    Create networks within Azure Cloud to host virtual machines, virtual appliances and Pass offerings.
    Cortana Intelligence: Suite of analytical products.
    Big data support through Windows Azure Table and HDInsight.

    Why Mannya?

    Experience a Smooth Transition to the Cloud

    Azure certified professionals.
    Designed and implemented custom azure solutions.
    Highly salable migration strategy.
    Reliable security and compliance features.
    Accelerated and well-planned migrations.
    On-time and within budget.

    Google Cloud embodies the reliability and agility

    Google Cloud embodies the reliability and agility associated with products that emerge from the Google stable. What’s awesome about Google Cloud is that it is secure, highly scalable, and constantly evolving.

    Mannya can help you leverage Google Cloud platform for work and education. Google Cloud platform offers a range of services from big data analytics and machine learning to virtual machines, storage, networking and more, which makes it ideal for businesses who want to garner insights from complex data for various business purposes.

    Why Google Cloud?

    Pay-as-you-go pricing model.
    Ideal for DevOps and continuous integration.
    Multiple availability zones.
    Seamless auto scaling.
    Virtual Machine options with predefined virtual server instances.
    Cloud Dataproc: Fully managed Hadoop and Spark offering


    Consulting, strategy, and roadmap.
    Implementation and optimization.

    Why Mannya for Google Cloud

    Consultant with proven expertise on the Google Cloud platform.
    Strong expertise in big data analytics.