Data Science

Data Science:

Mannya considers data science as a field that comprises everything related to data analysis like data interpretation, data collection etc. Data science process is a prolonged study of a project from its start to end and the execution flow.

Mannya processes large data sets across clusters of computers via simple programming models using Apache Hadoop. Hadoop being an open source platform gives the best data management provisions. Advantages using data science include its scalability, cost effectiveness, flexibility, speed and resilience to failure.

Mannya uses hadoop practically to work with large data sets and customize the outcome without outsourcing the task to service providers. In house operations helps organisations to be more agile thereby avoiding the on-going operational expense of outsourcing. Despite some disadvantages, Mannya functions focusing on the advantages and advancements so as to make the most out of it.

Mannya uses open source software of Apache like

Open office: It is used for presentations, spread sheets, graphics, databases and word processing.
Geronimo: An open source server run time which integrates open source projects to create java/OSGi to meet the needs of system administrators.
Tomcat: A web server and servlet container. It is developed by Apache Software Foundation.

The data sets that is so big and complex that normal traditional data processing application software can’t deal with them. That large volume of data includes both structured and unstructured data. The volume of data, the variety of data types and the velocity at which the data has to be processed are the three main V’s in big data concept.

Our expertise:

Mannya uses big data to help the user visualize the data, source it and processing information. This analysis maintains transparency and accuracy.

Mannya uses big data to:

Capture data
Store data
Analyse data
Maintain privacy about information
Searching, sharing and transfer of data.

Mannya analytics services help gain insights into emerging trends through the analysis of business data. Our solutions help businesses make informed decisions based on data-driven insights — all this while considerably reducing the need for IT resources and budgets. Additionally, we offer continued support and enhancements through a scalable and flexible model to ensure optimal user experience.


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What We Bring to the Table

Strong partnerships with analytics software and service providers
Pre-built templates and reporting frameworks
An engagement model that guides you through the business change you need to undergo to implement analytics across your enterprise

Our Analytics Services Help

Deliver deep insight into operations: Identify hidden patterns in business data
Enhanced data visualization capabilities: Benefit from Interactive dashboards that help you navigate and understand data easily
Nexgen dashboards: Drag-and-drop functionality simplifies creation of impactful charts and diagrams that provide insights into your business
Simplifying analysis: Tableau’s Data Engine analyzes millions of rows of data in seconds
Complete data: Combine various sources of data that can be viewed from a single window
Sharing and collaboration: Export presentations to other applications seamlessly
Real-time results: Changes made to data appear immediately