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QA Services for Salesforce

QA testing Services for Salesforce

Since Salesforce has grown to be one of the most widely used platforms for businesses globally, it is now even more crucial to do thorough, ongoing Salesforce testing. In this post, we’ll talk about Salesforce QA testing services, including their types, levels, and best practices for installation. Salesforce is, without a doubt, the customer relationship management (CRM) application that most dependable and well-known. Since it is adaptable, the system typically aids organizations of all sizes. The application can be easily modified to meet your needs, though. To be competitive, your company needs regular maintenance and ongoing feature enhancements. Quality assurance and continuous testing are required as customization increases. This post will cover everything your team needs to know to do a successful test in Salesforce. It mainly covers the various types of Salesforce testing your team needs to perform and their best practices.

QA testing for Salesforce: Why?

Salesforce QA testing will enable enterprises to test the Salesforce applications using cutting-edge testing approaches and technologies. It seeks to offer complete test coverage during each testing cycle. For any implementation, we advise having a dedicated QA team. Your success can be significantly aided by having a committed Salesforce QA staff consistently evaluating the system’s integrity. Whenever new modifications become available, you can use them to advance your company’s development. A Salesforce QA expert ensures that all the platform’s features and functionalities have been thoroughly tested. Hiring a Salesforce QA expert is essential to ensure all the platform’s features and functionalities are thoroughly tested. Salesforce testing is necessary for your company’s operations because: It verifies that the code and configuration are both functional.

  • It confirms the system’s ability to support all of your business processes.
  • It verifies that the system’s initial build complies with the established specifications.
  • It enables the QA teams to see issues that are simple to fix early on.
  • It performs audits of the application’s functionality and conduct.


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Process of testing Salesforce QA

Similar to other web-based applications, Salesforce also goes through testing. The customizable features that are created during testing should be readily available to the tester. By keeping their attention on that modified code rather than the standard Salesforce functionalities, testers will be able to perform better. The developer and the tester must use the Sandbox environment (Test Environment). The basic understanding of the terminologies used in Salesforce is deemed to be present in the QA tester.

7 Best practices of Salesforce QA testing:

  • Tests should be done using real user profiles, according to best practises for Salesforce QA testing.
  • The Test Data created should verify the operation of the report.
  • The testing strategy should include system integration testing, regression testing, functional testing, and Ul testing.
  • Since not all a webpage’s elements could load at once, the dynamic nature of visual force pages, Lightning pages, or Lightning Components must be given special consideration.
  • Tools like Selenium and HP Unified Functional Testing must be used to accomplish automation testing.
  • When adding the positive and negative flows, the Salesforce tester must think carefully.
  • To check the data visibility, user roles should be used.


If designed and tested properly, Salesforce can provide enormous value and boost your company’s return on investment (ROI). A thorough grasp of the Salesforce application and effective SFDC QA testing can reduce deployment delays, boost productivity, and produce immediate results.