SAP Hybris


    Hybris Commerce Transform customer experience with omnichannel capabilities

    Hybris Commerce offers a wonderful omnichannel experience by taking customer engagement to the next level. With the Commerce Cloud and on-premise options you can keep up with evolving market dynamics and create a personalized and impactful experience for your customers.

    B2C Commerce
    B2B Commerce
    Product Content and Catalog Management
    Omni-Channel Fulfillment
    Creating Contextual Experiences
    Contextual Merchandising

    Hybris Marketing Understand the pulse of customers

    SAP Hybris offers a host of marketing solutions to engage customers and impact purchase decisions. Now you can gain deeper insights into customer choices and trends.

    Understand your customers and offer them services that are relevant to them
    Provide your customers with a personalized experience and improve conversions
    Utilize segmentation tools to deliver relevant marketing messages to your target audience
    Turn your loyal customers into brand ambassadors by initiating a loyalty program
    Analyze your marketing success and track performance to achieve your business goals

    Hybris Sales Supercharge your sales team with SAP Hybris Sales Cloud

    Cloud for sales converts customer data into sales insights helping the sales team understand the pulse of prospective buyers well in advance. It prepares the sales team to efficiently manage opportunities and conduct sales in an organized way.

    Equip your sales team with customer insights and data – wherever they are and whenever they need it
    Provide your sales team with the tools and skills to close deals faster
    Enhance in-store experience by giving your customers what they need at the right time and price

    Hybris Service Provide your customers with the exemplary service they deserve

    SAP Hybris Solutions for Service transforms customer experience with a suite of products built for enhanced customer service. The solution ensures that the customer journey before, during, and after purchase is as smooth and memorable as possible so they always come back for more.

    Self-service solutions for product information and problem resolution
    Communicate with customers through the channels of their choice
    Equip field and service technicians with tools to serve customers better

    Hybris Revenue Simplify Order Management and Subscription Billing

    SAP Hybris Billing Solutions provide you with the ability to create highly personalized experiences for your customers. Transform the revenue management process with revenue recognition, subscription and automated billing, invoicing, and revenue management solutions.

    Synchronize, simplify, and personalize your CPQ
    Initiate targeted subscription offers and programs
    Improve quality control – ensure customer data is streamlined across systems and processes
    Launch customer-focused pricing models
    leverage an innovative invoicing platform to generate accurate and clearer bills
    Personalize business communication without IT intervention
    Manage revenue flow with automated receivables and payments handling
    Streamline billing for complex products and services

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