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Everything You Need To Understand Salesforce Cloud Computing

SalesForce Cloud computing allows companies to connect and provides a CRM that builds a strong network where companies can grow together. Their solutions give teams an overall view of each customer, and give transparency across customer management systems. No matter the size of the company, SalesForce cloud computing can scale to meet the needs and adapts for changes big and small.

Solutions from SalesForce integrate easily with your existing digital infrastructure for customer data and analytics systems. The information of your customers is stored in a secure way, which protects your customers from data scrapers. Give your customers peace of mind while protecting their information and your business by using a trusted CRM system that integrates all pertinent data through one highly protected system.

Through using SalesForce cloud solutions, your team can automate tasks, thus reducing the burden on both your sales and service teams. Tasks that were once redundant can now be handled by AI, allowing for a more efficient company model, increasing both productivity and efficiency. Customers will get your team’s full attention when they aren’t bogged down by mind-numbing tasks and are able to fully serve their needs through the use ofSalesForce Cloud Computing solutions.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud simplifies your sales process and stores all of your customer’s pertinent data on one platform. Instead of using multiple programs to serve a customer, take notes, place orders, and send information to your service team, having all of the tools to run your business in one package makes for a smooth experience that boosts efficiency.

Your customers will receive better support, and your team will have less burden on them, allowing them to provide the best service possible. Businesses who use SalesForce have seen better agent response time, and are receiving better feedback from customers.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud can be used through app technology and travel with a company’s service technicians and professionals. The intuitive technology can display related help answers for common issues service professionals run into while serving customers, making for better customer experiences.

When it comes to serving customers, Service Cloud gives your team the power to connect with knowledge portals and receive the support they need to solve problems in a timely manner. Instead of troubleshooting on the phone with customer service, they can simply search for the answers they need and provide an on the spot solution.

Furthermore, the service cloud tracks all orders and deliveries for technicians in the field, and helps to manage orders all in one platform. Deliveries are tracked, and drivers and technicians are able to plan their day accordingly, making for better scheduling opportunities.

Financial Cloud

Financial services companies use the Financial Cloud to integrate data and unify customer experiences. Through the financial cloud, you can aggregate customer data such as savings goals, geography, and other demographics in order to build personalized solutions that create loyal customers. By analyzing information that is provided through the Financial Cloud’s reporting process, your business can see key areas of improvement and evaluate major KPIs.


How Small Businesses can Benefit From Salesforce

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management or CRM platform designed to improve the customer interaction aspect of businesses. It is a cloud-based platform and is one of the most commonly used CRM systems by businesses of all sizes. Here is how a small business benefits from Salesforce.

You may be a small business now, but you definitely have your sights set on bigger goals. You need a CRM platform that can grow and adapt with your changing needs, or in other words, is scalable. This is exactly what Salesforce does. It is a flexible platform, and that is precisely what makes it so attractive for large and small businesses alike.

Use AI to Improve Your Business

How Small Businesses can Benefit From Salesforce

AI plays a key role in the growth of your business by analyzing the existing data and offering meaningful insights. This may sound too fancy or too expensive for a small business, but Salesforce‘ Einstein AI is an affordable AI service that offers market predictions, customer behavior patterns and other useful information that can be extremely valuable for a small business. The AI also gleans the necessary information from your emails and calendar and removes the need for manual data entry.

Increase Productivity
Salesforce can help automate a lot of tasks related to storing and sorting customer information. This frees up your employees and lets them focus more on other areas of business. It will also help them target the right clients to call for making sales and increase the efficiency of the sales calls.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

How Small Businesses can Benefit From Salesforce
The Salesforce CRM can connect to social media and use the information to help you identify potential customers. This can also help you create a marketing strategy aimed at converting those prospects into customers. In addition to this, it also tells you how much time and effort has been spent on each customer. You can compare this with the revenue generated by the customer and realign your services to ensure that you are spending an optimum amount of time on each customer.

Improve Your Sales
Did you know that increasing your customer retention rate by 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in profits? With the comprehensive customer history at your fingertips, you can provide better customer service and retain more customers. The increased revenue can always be used to attract new clients and grow your business. While gaining more customers is important, it is equally necessary to keep the existing ones happy.

Join the Salesforce Family Today!
Do you know what Unilever, Aston Martin, Fireclay Tiles, Onmibees, and Crowdcube have in common? All of them use the Salesforce CRM platform! They have become more efficient, flexible, and have witnessed an increase in their customer base. These companies may be of different sizes, but they have all found common ground in Salesforce. It is the leader in the CRM industry and has achieved this status by continuously adapting to the changing needs of the market and adopting the latest technology to provide excellent service to the clients.