Talent Acquisition

Attract the right talent to cater

The evolving needs of your organization

Our custom designs recruitment solutions that enable our clients to overcome the complex challenges of managing talent acquisition for their unique and specific requirements, in a marketplace characterized by massive demand and a dearth of appropriate talent.We facilitates communication between hiring managers, recruiters and candidates, using an application that provides real-time tracking through all stages of the recruiting process – from requisition creation to the new employee

Talent acquisition services at SarvHR encompass

Head Hunting

This consists of identifying, finding and persuading the right kind of person to fill in the gaps and add value to the client organization. A clear understanding of the industry enables Sariga to adopt a strategic and customized approach to attract the best talent with required skill set to fulfill the work-force requirements.

Conducting Mass Interviews

Sariga aids the company to conduct large scale interviews through well-organized job fairs, campus drives, walk-ins, etc. and also takes up the identification, selection and recruitment of candidates through these processes.

Permanent Hiring

Permanent hiring solutions are perfect for companies who need human resources but are short of recruiting resources and time. Under such circumstances, Sariga provides customized hiring services for mid and high level management roles.

Temporary recruitment desk: This is a time-bound model, in which Sariga Consultants work at the client company premises in close association with the core employees to understand and fulfill the human resource recruitment needs of the client.

Credential Verification

Sariga also undertakes a basic background check while recruiting employees in order to maintain the integrity of the organization. Reference checks, verification of education qualifications and past experience credentials, etc. all form parts of this service which enables the building of an efficient and effective employee and management work base.

Selection Support

Sariga works in close co-ordination with the hiring authority of client organization through the process of selection of the candidate.Sariga Consultants conduct interviews on behalf of their clients and identify the best possible candidates in terms of job and culture fitment into the client organization.

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