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A Winning Partnership: Empowering The Champions Sales Strategy with Salesforce Sales Cloud

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In 1982, six separate sales agencies came together with the idea of United Marketing serving the Indian manufacturing sector and founded Unimark as a partnership firm. What started with the head office in Bengaluru and a branch office in Mumbai is today spread over five cities and activity centers all over the country.


  • Champions group run all of their sales activities in salesforce using the classic version and Champions group wanted to move to lightning with all the current functionality available.
  • They also wanted to filter the junk logic which was created and want to eliminate the unnecessary logics.
  • All the VF pages have to be converted to web components.
  • They would be a sample data request from customers and they want to manage the requests.
  • As Champions group are into service industry, they want to maintain and manage the counts of the requests from the customer.
  • Champions group wants to manage the feedback on the data provided from the customer and fill the gap with the opportunity amount and actual amount.
  • They also wanted to leverage the track of the email by integrating inbox.

How Mannya helped:

  • Team Mannya analyzed Champion groups Salesforce classic version and have done a gap analysis, also noted the usable logics and eliminated unnecessary logics from the system.
  • Team Mannya has identified the VF page logics and converted them to the web component.
  • Team Mannya has implemented sample data management functionality.
  • Team Mannya has implemented counts request functionality.
  • Team Mannya has implemented feedback functionality.
  • Team Mannya integrated the Inbox with the Salesforce.


  • Champions group now has their upgraded lightning system ready for their business operations to leveraging all the available functionalities in Salesforce.
  • The end-users of Champions group are now able to manage their sample data.
  • Champions group has their feedback management module which maps the opportunity amount with the actual amount received.
  • Champion group users are now communicating with their customer without gaps or huddles

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