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A Winning Partnership: Empowering The Relisys Medical Devices Sales Strategy With Salesforce

Relisys Medical Devices Limited is leading manufacturer in Cardiovascular Medical Devices like Coronary Stents Systems including both Bare Metal Stent System & Drug Eluting Stent Systems, PTCA Balloons Catheters, Angiographic Diagnostic Catheters and Guiding Catheters. Relisys is involved in development, manufacturing and commercialization of affordable medical devices to treat life-threatening heart diseases.


  • Relisys Medical Devices ran all of their sales activities through spread sheets and emails which made it difficult for the team to track the current status and ownership of opportunities in their pipeline. Sales Managers lacked visibility into the company’s overall pipeline.
  • They also wanted to leverage automation to track the performance of their Sales Process and improve staff productivity.
  • Relisys wants to have the profile screening functionality & to track the onboarding Customer based on the documentation & with the approvals from the management.
  • Relisys had a challenge for the L4 users in planning their event on the Daily Basis
  • Relisys wants have an approval system for the sample from the Regional head, once there is a request from the Customer and after approval there should be a notification to the back office.
  • Relisys want to have the tracking system for samples & Feedback on the samples which should be shared with the back office team.
  • Relisys wants to have the window to assign the Targets to the Regions & Individual and wants to track the progress in the achievements.
  • Relisys had a challenge to manage their expense and get the statement on the monthly basis.
  • Relisys is interested to have the visibility on the Stock that their customer holds.
  • Relysis wants to have the functionality to display the Customer’s Outstanding Payments to the users to follow up on the same.

How Mannya helped:

  • Team Mannya analyzed Relisys Medical Devices operational needs and recommended that they implement Salesforce Sales cloud after carefully considering their goals and budget constraints.
  • MTS implemented and customized Sales cloud on top of the Out of the box functionalities to support their operating needs by implementing                                      (1) Region Based Customer & Field offices mapping
    (2) Target vs Actuals Region & Individual
    (3) Samples & Feedback
    (4) Stock/Inventory
    (5) Daily Planner
    (6) Profile Screening
    (7) Expense Management
    (8) Approvals Notification & Validations
  • We Trained Relisys Medical devices on for their parodic upload of the data into salesforce
  • We provided extensive end user training, so that staff from all departments executed their activities using Salesforce.
  • Automated the overall process suggested by Relisys Medical Devices.


  • Relysis is now having the track from Leads converting to Accounts with all the activities performed.
  • Relisys team are now playing around the Target assignment by the user friendly window implemented.
  • Relisys have a track on the Progress of the achievement based on the region.
  • Relisys team can now submit their planning on the daily basis and give the authentic report after completing the visit to the Manager.
  • Relisys field officers can now directly raise the request for the samples, and gather the details of the sample usage.
  • Relisys Back office are now with the easy use can see the notifications, requests and also upload the Data to salesforce with the mapping activities from
  • Relisys Management has now visibility and control on the Expenses claims & Pre-approvals.
  • Relisys Management are now able to have the Access on the region based validation to check out their performance.
  • Relisys users can now see the outstanding balance of the customers based out of their region.
  • Relisys users are now able to see the consignments holding at the customer location.

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