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A Winning Partnership: Empowering The UNIMARK B2B Digital Strategy with Salesforce

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In 1982, six separate sales agencies came together with the idea of United Marketing serving the Indian manufacturing sector and founded Unimark as a partnership firm. What started with the head office in Bengaluru and a branch office in Mumbai is today spread over five cities and activity centers all over the country.


  • Integrating the 3rd party tool for pulling the spare products and updating the stock in both Salesforce and Quick book platform.
  • Quote and Invoices from Quick book if the product is based out of INDIA for other regional products directly creating Quotes and Invoices functionality from Salesforce.
  • Tracking the availability of the toolbox equipment to assign for the service appointment based on the toolbox assigned to.
  • Overall delay in closing the cases based on the suitable reason for future improvement.
  • Functionality to automatically create the case record for the customer who has signed up the contract.
  • Creating the functionality to get the health checkup check-list based on product and visits for the service contract based service appointments.
  • Unimark challenge in tracking the hours worked for the service appointments which is more than a day and billing the same to the customer.

How Mannya helped:

  • Created the reports to get the information like case details, assigned to, number of days, products etc., for which the toolbox was assigned and the status on the toolbox.
  • Using the apex schedule class, we have automated the creation of cases based on the service contract.
  • Configured validation rules to close the toolbox assigned service appointments with the notification to the dispatcher regarding the assigned resource, work order and the status of the toolbox which allows users to save the service appointment only by giving the status of the toolbox in the toolbox assignment object associated with the work order/service appointment.
  • Using the API’s from Quick book integration functionality for pulling the data related to the quote and invoice which will be created in the quick book for INR spare products is pulled to create the quote and invoice automatically by writing the script.
  • Using the API’s from Quick book integration functionality for pulling the data related to the spare products and code which will update the inventory based on the invoice created.
  • Using the VF pages developed the pages where the user can check-in or select the picklist value associated with service contract base service appointments.
  • We implemented multiday functionality work order with the timesheet entries approach which was able to solve the challenges of Unimark.


  • Customer experience in finding the overall company process, customer relationship, forecasting, close opportunities, customer satisfactions placed in a single dashboard and displaying it on the home screen.
  • Reduced the manual effort in creating the records mapping with the associated objects getting the real-time information, identifying the gaps in the whole process for improvement.
  • Ensuring the real-time information on toolbox status and finding the gap to improve in assigning the toolbox for further cases to reduce the timeline.
  • Support business initiative from dual creation of quote and invoice to a click of a button to get the invoice from the 3rd party.
  • Tracking the hours worked on the service appointment and with the consolidated service report now unimark is able to bill the customer for the multi day service done by the field executive.

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