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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation and Consultant Support

Mannya For Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps coordinate order management, online store, predictive intelligence, and mobile point of sale. The three service categories of this seamless platform – intelligence, experience, and operations work cordially to power all stages of cross-channel commerce.

Commerce Cloud Solutions

B2B Setup

B2B services of Salesforce Commerce Cloud help businesses reduce their expenses and capital costs with creative mobile responsiveness and e-commerce website solutions.

B2C Setup

Our B2C Salesforce Commerce Cloud services help ensure improved customer experiences over the business's e-commerce website and provide mobile responsiveness, along with marketing and merchandising practices.

Order Management

The offerings of order management include omnichannel and complex transactions with features such as customer service, store fulfillment, enterprise inventory, and complete order data.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Key Features

Commerce Cloud Digital
Storefront Reference Architecture
Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle
Order Management
Commerce Portals
Commerce Platform
Enhanced marketing tools
Predictive Intelligence
Open Customization
Mobile Friendly

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